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Newest Games

  • Papas PastariaPapas Pastaria
    It is time to join papa to make some tasty pasta! Collect the orders and then make them up right...
  • Dungeon RunnerDungeon Runner
    In Dungeon Runner you are a lone knight that has been captured! Break your chains and charge through the endless...
  • Choice of the DragonChoice of the Dragon
    In Choice of Dragon you will have the change to live as if you are a mighty dragon in an...

Featured Games

  • Asteroids Revenge 3 Asteroids Revenge 3
    For years ships have been blowing up asteroids. Now the asteroids have decided to fight back! Control your asteroid and...
  • Bike Mania Ice Bike Mania Ice
    Ride your dirt bike through fun challenging ice covered levels.
  • Penguama Penguama
    Penguins drinking energy drinks? A strange situation but this pengiun needs to jump a little higher and that was the...

Most Popular Games

  • Coconut RunCoconut Run
    Build a vehicle to transport the coconuts to the end of the track. Then drive the vehicle as fast as...
  • Stick RPG CompleteStick RPG Complete
    Stick RPG Complete; The highly anticipated major update to an XGenStudios' cult classic. With the bus depot and furniture store...
  • DestructotruckDestructotruck
    You have a big truck, a ramp, and a bunch of stuff waiting to be smashed. More destruction means more...

Random Games

  • Tank Patrol Tank Patrol
    Drive your own tank! Survive each wave of oncoming military units.
  • Battalion Commander 2Battalion Commander 2
    Grab your guns and get ready to march on the enemy! There is unusual activity in the north and it...
  • Turret Deffence Turret Deffence
    Save your turret! Survive by shooting all the oncoming vehicles, missles and other destructive objeicts. How long will you last?

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